Its a Queens Birthday Weekend Frother

Daybreak at New Brighton queens birthday weekend

Its a huuuge long weekend of surf action, with pumping waves on the local Christchurch beaches, along with comps all over the show.

Firstly we have the Cold Water Classic held in Kaikoura this weekend, which should be scoring some great swell, and we wish our team riders all the best.

Then there is the Swatch Girls Pro, held over in france where Paige Hareb has come 2nd.. what an amazing result, and we are so stoked for her.. go kiwi!!.. to find out more click here

Also LIVE right now is the Volcom Fiji Pro, being held in epic 6-8ft pumping waves.. its so good to see the WCT back in fiji after 4 years. Cloudbreak is an amazing left, and with the pros lighting it up ita well worth a watch, get your self amped for your daily surf by watching the redbull Tv live feed on the site by clicking here