Glassing with Wazza

Wazza Starting work on a Stingray Barron Surfboard
Setting up for the Glass Job of the Barron Stingray
Barron Stingray Starting the Glass Job
Spreading the Resin for the Blue Barron Stingray
Pouring Resin for the Blue Barron Stingray
Working in the Resin for the Barron Stingray
Blatent Barron logo shot
Still Spreading the Resin for the Barron Stingray
The Last of the Glass for the Barron Stingray
The Finished Product - A Barron Stingray Surfboard

We thought we'd show you the process in making one of our Barron Stingray Fish's. They are super popular board, great for everything from speed in small waves, punting in the mush or getting loose in the bigger stuff.

Wazza is a true pro, and been glassing for donkeys years, so has the whole thing dialled. He starts by laying out the glass and decals to go on the board, including the patches for the fin plug area. He then carefully uses resin to set the decals in place, and then pours on heaps more resin and glasses the whole side of the board. The resin goes off (sets) pretty quickly, so its a quick mission to get all the fibreglass soaked in it, and all the bubbles worked out of the material. A quick smooth technique is key in this process.

Once both sides are glassed, the leash plug, and fin plugs are then inserted (unless your after glass in fins... we'll show you another time how these are all done). And then whala, you have a brand spanking new board.. If you have any questions about the process be sure to get in touch, and thanks to wazza for the demo....