Buying Online

The Barron Surfboards Online Store uses Paypal, and reputable and secure payment gateway to facilitate orders. this way everyone knows the cash is safe and you details are in good hands.

Credit Cards

The online store is setup to take credit card orders, this includes any payment from VISA or Mastercard from any major bank. If you have an issue in the purchase process be sure to contact us right away buy email or phone.


If you wish to make a purchase using eftpos, contact us instore and we can arrange this through our instore eftpos terminal. or you can use our direct credit option below.

Direct Credit

This is perfect for those who want to buy something online but dont have a credit card. You just choose your items, proceed to the shopping cart, then under payment option you just select "Direct Credit".  This will open 2 text fields for your bank name (ie Kiwibank), and the name on your account (ie J Smith).

Make sure you write down our bank details, then press submit to complete the order. From there just go to your bank account, and put the money through.. rememeber to put BS ONLINE, and your order number in the reference fields so we can track your purchase easier.. thanks.

Hire Purchase

So you need a new surfboard to use now, but dont have enough to buy one right away, then our hire purchase option is perfect for you. It is interest free, but only available on orders including new surfboards.
We require a $200 deposit along with a $50 admin fee, then payments would be weekly at $25.. however you are free to negotiate different deposit and payment amounts. It is only available on Barron Surfboards, either new or custom.

Heres how it works;
1) Choose your barron surfboard online, add it to your shopping cart, then choose "hire purchase" as payment type
2) Fill in all your details and submit the order.
3) We will contact you to confirm your order, deposit and payment amounts.
4) You pay into our account the deposit and admin fee, then we shape and send out your new surfboard.
5) You pay your weekly amount untill the amount outstanding is paid off, while surfing your new stick.

Too Easy


If you dont have the cash right now, but really want a particular surfboard or item, contact us and we can arrange a Lay Buy option.. you'll need 1/3 of the price up front and then the timeframe can be arranged with us. There is no admin fee, and this can be used on any item.. then when you have paid the full amount, you'll get the goods.