Gasfins have been involved in the design and manufacture of surfboard fins in Durban, South Africa for the past 5 years. Initially the challenge was to design a process which allows fins to be manufactured with a uniform flex pattern and also to eliminate aesthetic blemishes traditionally found in hand crafted fins.

Over the course of 24 months, Gasfins successfully initiated a resin transfer moulding process geared for cavity moulding on a large scale with faster turn around times making it commercially viable to produce a quality, skillfully crafted surfboard fin at relatively inexpensive prices, when compared to international norms. Over the last 36 months, Gasfins have seen their fins and plug system distributed throughout Southern Africa and as far afield as Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand with an ever growing market.

All our fins are manufactured from high quality fiberglass materials. Available in solid colours with light weight cores or translucent colours also with light weight soric cores.


Foil technology

Inside foil technology has revolutionised surfing and has launched it into a new dimension. Traditionally, a fin had one foil and one flat face but were prone to slowing your board down in tight situations. Having two foils on a fin significantly improves water flow over your fins surfaces, resulting in more lift and less drag.

Effectively allowing your board to hold better in a turn and generate more speed in the pocket.
Gasfins is continually researching and testing new foil designs as well as creatively thinking outside the box to develop innovative ideas that will ultimately take surfing to the next level.