Eskimo Industries was founded in 2002 (pre Clark closure) in a small factory 5kms away from the famous waves
of North Narrabeen, Sydney, Australia. The company grew out of a desire to formulate a performance driven
polyurethane product tailored to the needs of professional surfers and shapers.

Eskimo was created by Anthony ‘Pado’ Padovan and renowned shaper James ‘Chilli’ Cheal who experimented
for 2 ½ years with formulation and manufacturing techniques. “During this initial testing phase Chilli’s shaping experience,

his team riders and the professional surfers riding his boards were invaluable, we weren’t content until Chilli thought
it was the best foam he had shaped and the surfers felt like it was alive under their feet”- Pado
Eskimo cores are anything but ‘blanks’. Eskimo cores are performance products designed to enhance the way a
surfboard functions. “What made Eskimo worthwhile for me was the 2004 World title being won on Eskimo cores,
all of the hard work in formulating and testing had paid off” - Pado.

Today, Eskimo cores are available globally and the research and development continues as the feedback flows in
from shapers and surfers in different surf conditions everywhere. This tight feedback loop will always be the main
motivation for continual refinement. As surfing progresses so does Eskimo.

The range is diverse and growing and available almost anywhere. See for more details.

Eskimo Industries is owned and operated by surfers for the love of surfing and surfboards.