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Reeling snowy left

Wow, just as predicted the snow arrived and covered everything out east. We found this surfer not only braving the poo, but the extreme snow and cold too!! Definately showing true kiwi spirit, and...

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Tony's Maldives Machine

One of the latest boards out of the shaping bay is this Barron 6'2" for Tony. Should do the trick in those epic waves over there... have fun!!

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Jordy's air reverse

J Bay has come alive, and some top shelf surfing is going down in pumping 6-8ft surf during heats 3-5. The highlights would have to include Julian Wilsons surfing, including a freakishly long...

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Hooking up indo kids with surfboards

As a lot of you probably know already, i've spent a lot of time over in indonesia both surfing and shaping. One of my favourite places over there would have to be Lakey's, on the island of Sumbawa...

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Blow Up is all about friends, good times and sick waves. You really can't ask for more than that. Featuring Ryan Callinan, Jack Freestone, Laurie Towner, Granger Larsen and more, its a sure fire...

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Kaikoura Perfection

The madness in lost travel arrangements with Jetstar, caused from the ash cloud debarcle, meant i had to hit the road to Picton to pick up my lovely lady for her birthday... A good excuse to get a...

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All New Jay "Bottle" Thompson Deckgrips instore

This is the first of Arcade's Pro Rider Deck Grips. Jay's Signature Model is a three piece Grip, using the checker grip pattern, and providing an arch option so that you can go flat, or medium...

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Sam Courtenay Wins R&R Sport Junior's at Kaikoura Cold Water Classic

Our team rider ripper Sam won the R&R Sport Juniors at the Queens Birthday Weekend, O'Neill Cold Water Classic, Kaikoura 2011. The contest was held in small but pumping 2ft waves at Mangamanu...

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Arcade Tri-Fector Deck Grips

Arcade are pretty fresh to Enzid, but are killing it accross the ditch in ozzie at the moment. They are a unique, innovative surf company bringing us premium deck grips at great prices..on ya!...

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Sam Hawke with his mexico quiver

Our big wave team rider, Sam Hawke is heading to mexico on 25th june for 2 1/2 weeks. He's going to Pascaules with a solid kiwi crew including Sanga, Willis, Maz, Leon Santorik and Silas... So it...

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