New custom CYBER-LINE epoxy Hog 6.1 19.1/2 x 2.3/8 off to the coast
nz usa japan aust

 New custom CYBER-LINE epoxy Hog 6.1 19.1/2  x 2.3/8 off to the coast  

Still getting the orders out for Christchurch
nz usa japan aust

 Still going strong , finishing up the orders 

Open till Monday 

Jacob's new custom Cyberline Epoxy 5.10
nz usa japan aust

 Jacob's new custom Cyberline Epoxy 5.10

Stock Mini Mal 7.4 21 .1/2 x 2.7/8 $ 800.00nz
handshaped surfboards

 Sick looking FUSH  mini Mal 

7.4 21.1/2 x 2.7/8 


Pipe's all the way to the end

Wow what an exciting end to the WCT, with Fanning needing a semi final finish and Slater needing to win the thing to be world champs. It meant every round had everyone on the edge of their seat. Between Fannings unbelievable knack of pulling the scores he needed with a minite to go, and Kellys domination of every heat he was in made it feel like...

ALL NEW FUSH HANSEN LONGBOARD 9.2 23 x 3 $1100.00 Santa is here
fush longboards

 All new Handshaped FUSH  Hansen long board 

Resin tints ,fins 1 plus 2 

Santa is here, if your looking for a sick handshaped NZ made Mal then this is it .

Wicked Price for christmas $1100.00nz 

Ready in time for Christmas 



handshaped surfboards

 6.8 FUSH  on the way 

All New Hansen Fush Models
hansen fush

Gordon Hansen is back in town making some rad boards under the fush brand. Our fave is the PuNkFuSh an 80's inspired board with a modern twist, full rails, round tail and five fin set up. Its sure to fun, fast and a summer stoker!! But be in quick, legend shaper Gordon Hansen is only shaping here for a limited time, then hes back to Hawaii. Get...

New K-Bar 5.10 in the work
handshaped surfboards

 5.10 K-BAR FUSH on the way to being finished 

New FUSH Mini Mal H/P 7.4 21 .1/2 x 2.7/8 perfect christmas present FOR SALE $750.00
SALE $750.00

 Brand new sick as Fush  Mini Mal for sale $750.00

Ready in 2 days 

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