6.2 Buzz Bar Fush with Hemp tail patches
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 6.2  Buzz Bar Fush with Hemp tail patches

Cabbage's 10.2 23 x 3 long board
custom handshaped boards made in new zealand

 Cabbage's 10.2 23 x 3 long board 

Cabbage is a legend from the Ville surfs a Mal insane 

Up dates and own words from Gordo in Hawaii
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 Flew to Molokai island for some heavy left point , I surfed this spot with slater and Eddie vexed about six years ago , Kelly said it was kinda mushy wave? Mushy mish ! Be home in a few days

Custom handshaped P.U 6.1 19 x 2.3/8 Hog rounded square
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 Custom handshaped P.U  6.1 19 x 2.3/8 Hog rounded square 

New Fush 6.2 20.3/4 x 1./2 pu
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 Handshaped 6.2 Fush 

made in NZ 


 Going for a sesh with the new 6'1 punk fish , this board was the perfect pick  20 1/4 x 2 5/8 rode with the tri fin set up , what fun it was , check out the Barron line up for the latest, aloha Gordon back in the islands

Kiwis Charging at Newcastle Surfest

Billy Stairman & Ricardo Christie are through to the round 96 heats in the Burton Toyota Pro at Newcastle Surfest, now facing the big guns of the calibre of Parko and Dane Renoylds. Their next heats are coming up soon live at go kiwi