Gordon Hansen

"Gordon Hansen is an accomplished master shaper. At age 50, Gordon remains fit by surfing, and he remains competent through shaping surfboards by hand. Hansen was born in Hawaii and raised in Kailua on the island of Oahu. He has been surfing since 1970 and shaping since 1980. Some of his favorite surf spots include Padang, G-Land, North Beach in Kailua and several secret spots.

Team riders and career highs include working for top surfboard manufacturers and shaping for, and working with, top pros like Andy Irons, Kahea Hart, Johnny Boy Gomes, Stuart Bedford Brown, Will Lewis, Seth Hulley, Justin Strong, and Kaipo Jacquias. Some of Gordon’s current riders include top Balinese pros like De De Suriana, Garut Widatra, Made Awan, as well as some top pros in Japan. Gordon has shaped and surfed many of the top venues in the world.

The majority of Gordon’s boards are customs made to meet the demands and preferences of a variety of surfers – from the novice level to top pros. Gordon shapes the full spectrum of high performance boards from shortboards, funboards, guns, and longboards."