Paul Barron

Paul barron born 69 has been full time shaping since 96 first shaped boards at 16 in a old pig shed. The boards back then were called red barrons and had all sorts of bumps and humps in them.

After a few years glassing barron got back into shaping and in 96 the barron label was born in nz . It started with mates and local crew buying boards and then got bigger and soon barron was sending boards to  as far as places like europe and indo.

Barron has made boards for a lot of kiwi surfers such as Craig Sherif, Matt Martin, Craig Grimshaw,  Jonny Wardrop and so on.  After going to indo for over the last 15 years or so, barron was lucky enough to shape in bali  for over the last 5 years making boards for mega semadhi, dedi gun, putra hermawan and other international pros.

With over 7000 handshapes later the barron label is stonger than ever, handshapes are still the king as far as customs go !!!