Fush handshaped in Hawaii

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 Gordo's updates Hawaii 

 This is Juliana with her new 5"4 fush , her first custom shape ! A hui hou .
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Jeffreys Bay Taster

The ASP Top 34 return to the iconic South African pointbreak of Jeffreys Bay from July 10-21, 2014 for Stop No. 6 on the Samsung Galaxy ASP WCT. Check out the preview video

Kiwis rocking the top 10 on WQS

We are frothing to see the kiwi contingent of Billy Stairmand and Ricardo Christie doing so well this year.  Raglan surfer Billy placed third at the Quiksilver Saquarema Prime event in Brazil elevating him to fourth in the world on the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series.

Stairmand was joined by fellow Kiwi Richard Christie (Gisborne) who placed fifth at the event jumping him 74 places to ninth on the rankings.

Kiwis Charging at Newcastle Surfest

Billy Stairman & Ricardo Christie are through to the round 96 heats in the Burton Toyota Pro at Newcastle Surfest, now facing the big guns of the calibre of Parko and Dane Renoylds. Their next heats are coming up soon live at go kiwi

Pipe's all the way to the end

Wow what an exciting end to the WCT, with Fanning needing a semi final finish and Slater needing to win the thing to be world champs. It meant every round had everyone on the edge of their seat. Between Fannings unbelievable knack of pulling the scores he needed with a minite to go, and Kellys domination of every heat he was in made it feel like it could go either way.

Be sure to watch the highlights here

All New Hansen Fush Models

hansen fush

Gordon Hansen is back in town making some rad boards under the fush brand. Our fave is the PuNkFuSh an 80's inspired board with a modern twist, full rails, round tail and five fin set up. Its sure to fun, fast and a summer stoker!! But be in quick, legend shaper Gordon Hansen is only shaping here for a limited time, then hes back to Hawaii. Get in touch if you want one.. more sizes coming very soon, or you can order a custom :)

Gordo updates: Japan

japan surfboards tssc

 Owner of sea grocers in Osaka and tssc dealer, with his 5'9" adrenaline. Drove 6 hours this morning to meet up for another Magic board before I leave for Hawaii on  wednesday afternoon, six more days before I fly to new Zealand, c u soon Paul cheers

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Barron Flex™ Makes the News

Word of our new patented flex surfboard has made  it to the media, and last week we had an interview with the press. Its a really exciting time for us, and its great to have some local support too. This is truly new technology for surfing, and we cant wait to tell you more soon.

In the meantime check out Michael Berry's Press article on by clicking here

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Jay Quin 5th at Margaret River Pro

Jay Quin with one of his waves to get into the final

Our kiwi shredder, put together a the biggest two-wave heat-total of the day to get into the quarters of the Drug Aware Pro and an equal 5th for the competition. Quin who had recently retired from competing full time to start a family seems to be in career best form.. and was unlucky to loose to WCT top surfer Josh Kerr in the Quarters. Go kiwi!!

Space Invaders Digital Stick

barron fush Space Invaders Digital Stick
barron fush Space Invaders Digital Stick

Check out this blast from the past.. a kick as Space Invaders Fush custom spray done for Adam, with popping blue and pink.Needless to say hes super stoked, and we'll have another blog soon with the back stage workings of making a spray like this. If you want a spray on your new barron stick be sure to ask :)

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