Slaters Thoughts Mid-ASP-Season

Slater J-Bay slash

 With J-Bay upon us, the ASP had a sit down with Slater who is currently 3rd overall, to see who he thinks will be the threats at this event, and who is looking to be the goods for year end. Theres some great footage and insight from the king!
cheers ASP

Are Wave Pools the future for New Brighton

We all joke around about wanting better waves... more consistant waves. But is a wave pool an option for the nu-New Brighton. Take a look at these and see what you think.

1) Britain - Snowdonia

Britain's first artificial surfing lake is due to open in Snowdonia next year.


Revolutionary technology means that 10ft (3m) waves can now be created at the touch of a button.

A giant man-made lake three times the size of Wembley stadium is under construction in the Welsh mountains, with a second site planned for Bristol.

John John 3x Volcom Pipe Pro Champ!

John John 3x Volcom Pipe Pro Champ!

Everyone knows young Mr Florence is an absolute charger in the big stuff, especially Hawaii and hes proved it once again! For a lot of people this event just snuck under the radar, but for those pipe frothers like us, the footage from this years Volcom pro was amazing. With a four man heat format, it makes for some good old husslin, and rampant wave action. Be sure to check out the footage...

Garrett McNamara Rides Huge Portugal Beast

U.S. surfer Garrett McNamara rides a wave at Praia do Norte beach in Nazaré, Por

The stunning foreground of a Portugal Lighthouse, frames a 100-foot monster off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal with Garrett McNamara riding the beast. Reports claim it as 100ft, and all that remains now is for Guinness to certify it as a world record. Amazing.. check out the footage, the waves are sooo gnar, and see the jetski wipeout.. heavy! Good on you Garrett you Legend!

Hurley Pro brings waves and a rodeo

Lowers Funpark
Heitor Alves Rodeo

I love watching the comps at Lowers, its such a playground for performance surfing at its best. Theres fun barrels, perfect walls and ramps for the elite to boost off. This Hurlet Pro WCT event has seen all of the above, with power surfing from the likes of veteran surfer Taylor Knox, smooth archs from Jeremy Flores, and an insane rodeo flip from Heitor Alves... you gotta check it out

Its a lay day today but check out the action here

No Agenda Surf Flick From Quicky

A sweet watch from the crew at quicky. Sometimes having No Agenda is a good thing. Global riders, local groms, 1 foot slop, 40 foot chaos, old clips, new clips and everything in between this video has something for everyone...

Fair Bits My Beach Skit

Heres a wee something to put a smile on your dial, Still one of the funniest skits around.. cameo by the hilarious Ben Stiller. "i pissed on your cut back!"

Rip Curl Pro brings all the Bells and Whistles

Rip Curl Bells Beach Fanning
Rip Curl Bells Beach Slater
Rip Curl Bells Beach Sally
Rip Curl Bells Beach Sarah Mason

We were stoked Sarah Mason made the quarter finals, even though unfortunately it meant Paige Hareb missed out. Sarah bet her in a very tight round 5 heat, it trying conditions in the womans draw at the Rip Curl Bro Bells Beach. She then went on to challenge Tyler Wright narrowly going down in a tricky heat, so congratulations Sarah on a great result. The eventual winner in the womans was Sally Fitzgibbons over Ratings leader Stephanie Gilmore.

A tribute to the 70s Legend Michael Peterson

MP at Sunset Beach, 1975. Photo: Dan Merkel/A-Frame

With his frenetic, explosive iconic style, Michael Peterson became the stuff of legends during the 70's, winning every professional contest in Australia between 73 and ’75. His success was a blend of insane talent, pure determination and rat cunning. In the Stubbies event at Burleigh in '77, with the newly introduced setup of man-on-man surfing in front of 20,000 people, MP and dusted a young Mark Richards, took the five grand...  and disappeared.

The Pros head to Bells Beach for Rip Curl Pro

Rip Curl Bells Beach 2012
Last years winner Parko pulling a classic Bells bottom turn

Our own Paige Hareb along with the world's best surfers, are making there way to Bells Beach (If they are not there already) to compete in the longest running and most prestigious professional surfing contest on the WCT calander. This year we will be celebrating its 51st anniversary at Bells Beach in Australia's surfing home of Torquay from April 3 to 14. Who will get to ring the prized Bell on the final day of competition.

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